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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Woman Dies as a Result of Reporting Rape by Notre Dame Football Players

A woman was raped by famous and popular football players. She reported it. They bullied her to attempt to silence her and eventually drove her to suicide. The football players have suffered no consequences.

Why I won’t be cheering for old Notre Dame  
“She said she’d been raped by a member of the football team at a party off campus,” the R.A. told me. I also spoke to the R.A.’s parents, who met the young woman that same night, when their daughter brought her to their home after leaving the hospital. They said they saw — and reported to athletic officials — a hailstorm of texts from other players, warning the young woman not to report what had happened: “They were trying to silence this girl,” the R.A.’s father told me. And did; no criminal complaint was ever filed.
This violence and deliberate tragedy is massively overshadowed by Notre Dame football player Manti Te'o's fake girlfriend story.

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