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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Another girl dead after being gang-raped

Audrie Pott committed suicide after three classmates gang raped her while she was unconscious. These monsters photographed their violence and shared them around, resulting in their arrest several months later.

There is no doubt that gang rape of teenage girls is not new or increasing in numbers, but social media has made evidence easier to come by. Social media also multiplies the violence and humiliation inflicted on their victims, when their peers live vicariously through the rapists by viewing and celebrating the images of rape. These women might have survived their rapes, had rape culture not exploded the violence of the rape into an experience re-perpetrated by their classmates repeated endlessly in the hallways of schools and on facebook and twitter.

The term "victim" here is a deliberate choice over the preferred but imperfect term "survivor". These women are not survivors but ended their lives in order to escape the daily violence, domination, and threats that their classmates were causing.

Finally, how many women of color are driven to suicide by the violence of rape, yet their tragic stories are not told, their perpetrators are never named, and there is no public outcry for justice. 

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