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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Further warnings of Ian Chinich's manipulative, abusive behavior

lol kyle warned a woman that was talking to a rapist that the guy was a rapist and he (ian chinich, just so you know) messaged kyle an extremely long, angry message about how he’s gone through an “accountability process” and therefore doesn’t appreciate people telling new, unsuspecting women that he’s a rapist, and even directed him to someone who could “vouch” for him. 
if you’ve really ~changed your ways~ you would tell new friends about your history and wouldn’t get mad when others told them either 
when you’re a rapist, people talk about it, dude 
isn’t the point of an accountability process is that you’re, i dunno, held accountable?


TW: Rape


Ian Chinich is a Boston area anarchist who is a known rapist, of more than one person as well. I noticed that he added my friend today on FB, a well known IWW worker and survivor

he is clearly still trying to work within activist/radical circles so please alert anyone if you see him in organizations or if you see that any of your friends are friends with him on FB because he is clearly not alerting people to the fact that he is a rapist. the link above names him and several others, the names used to be on a tumblr page that was removed because apparently tumblr cares more about the privacy of rapists than the safety of people.

groups Ian is known to have been in:

anti-authoritarian collective of Boston University
Boston IWW
Students for Justice in Palestine

last i knew, this dude was living in the allston area. so allston folks, be safe. avoid him. he is charismatic, manipulative (has a history of using mental illness to avoid accountability) and is apparently a problem that won’t fucking go away. he travels through activist circles around the country (parts of new jersey, california, nyc, ohio all come to mind) on a regular basis through various conventions/workshops/apologist connections. he’s also known to fetishize young woc activists and target them specifically, so please be aware.

he’s also affiliated (or has been in the past) with the boston anarchist bookfair and boston antifa.

when i was tagging boston area groups on the status my friend made, I’m really glad she did cause she has about a 1,000 friends on there most of whom are radicals, one of his friends told me it was unnecessary and said he doesn’t live in the area anymore, so either that guy was naively wrong or is deliberately covering for him, either way signal boosting to anyone is a good thing…I told my anarchist friend in Iceland about Ian for christ’s sake

[Addendum: As of February, 2014 Ian Chinich is currently living in Los Angeles and working with "Struggling to Win" anarchists from Chile to organizing a tour of the U.S. We would appreciate updates on his whereabouts and where he is insinuating himself so that we can warn others. Please share this information with your networks. -CS] 

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