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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Is the tide maybe beginning to start to turn perhaps just a little?

Mainstream discourse around rape is experiencing a slow turn away from rapists towards survivors. An example is the Cosby discussion - his assaults were known years ago, but the recent reminders were met with a different mainstream reaction this time around. The discussions around the survivors are not great, or enough, and are accompanied by plentiful vile backlash. The fact that some survivors have felt safer disclosing their assaults today than a few years ago is perhaps another hopeful sign. The UVA gang-rape frat disaster shows us that while we might have gained an inch - maybe - we have miles to go.

Most likely this is a shift in social politeness while patriarchal structure is firmly intact. Racist slurs are not used in "polite company" anymore, while culture and power remains overwhelmingly white supremacist. It's likely a superficial shift away from rape and rape jokes being funny in polite company.

Let's acknowledge our victories, no matter how small. (Maybe someday soon we could watch a TV show or movie without the protagonist raping someone or making sympathetic jokes about rape!) Keep fighting. Patriarchy needs rape culture, one does not exist without the other. While rape may be newly cast as impolite, patriarchy will ensure it remains a tool for oppression.

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